360onlinetool access plans:

Plan Cost, roubles (exclusive of VAT)

5 employees trial


50 employees during a year

40 000

100 employees during a year

60 000

300 employees during a year

150 000

500 employees during a year

200 000

1000 employees during a year

300 000

3000 employees during a year

450 000

Get free assessments of 5 employees with any plan purchased.

*Including one-year technical support.

If the number of assessed employees exceeds the plan limit, you can cover the excess according to the rate from your chosen plan.


Services and support:

360-degree feedback training

The 360online tool functionality and features (1 hour) Skype tuition

7 000 roubles

The 360-degree report analysis (4 hours, up to 4 persons) Skype tuition

32 000 roubles

“360-degree report analysis and feedback” training (in-person, 1 day, up to 14 participants)

110 000 roubles

360-degree reports e-mail and Skype supervision, per report

7 000 roubles

360-degree reports feedback supervision (in-person, 6 sessions and more)

15 000 roubles for a session

Consulting and support

Developing a competency model

Depends on the amount of work

Selecting and adjusting criteria for the evaluation of the training

Depends on the amount of work

Creating criteria for the internal service quality assessment

Depends on the amount of work

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