How to use:

Regular assessments
of managment and core competencies by using 360onlinetool will support performance management.
Personal Competencies Assessment ©
will provide information for personal as well as professional development. This can be used for coaching sessions.
The assessment before and after the training
helps to establish personal development tasks and evaluate the acquired skills at the workplace. 360onlinetool allows you to measure the level 3 ROI in terms of the Phillips ROI Methodology.
Internal service quality assessment
by 360onlinetool helps to evaluate how well the back office meets demands of the front office and the entire organization.

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Why 360-degree

360-degree feedback is a development tool for an employee based on the feedback from the peers about his or her professional skills and the way he or she acts at the workplace.

The 360-degree feedback points to opportunities for employees to improve his or her efficiency and to create his or her development plan.


Easy way
to get 360-degree feedback
  • Save the time on assessment:
    the time for assessment of 100 employees
    by the HR manager
    can be cut from 150 to 5.5 hours
  • It is easier to fill out questionnaires and make evaluation online.
  • The tool keeps the feedback anonymous.
  • This tool helps to organize assessment in line with the requirements to the procedure.

Reports Infographics

Explicit and informative 360-degree reports will give the employee a detailed feedback.

360onlinetool creates various types of reports; the user can customize the content and format of the report.

With 360onlinetool

you can start and manage the assessment procedure easily

  • 1o Select a recipient, a reviewer and the assessment parameters.
  • 2o Run assessment according to your preferred scenario.
  • 3o You can monitor the assessment process and intervene when necessary.